Praslin SPTC Bus Schedule


Praslin has 3 Bus lines: Route 61 - Route 62 and Route 63 which run from:
Monday to Friday, from 06:00 to 19:00.
Week end and public holiday: minimum service.

Departure every 30- 45 minutes.


Bus fares - SCR7 for each trip on standard bus and SCR15 on air-conditioned bus.

Provide the exact change for a quick departure.

ROUTE 61  Mont Plaisir - Anse Boudin via Vallée de Mai

ROUTE 62  Mont Plaisir - Zimbabwe via Consolation

ROUTE 63  Mont Plaisir - Anse La Blague - Côte d’Or

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To catch the bus from the villa go on the main road opposite Super Value Mini-Market is the bus stop. Week days the bus  at this stop is on the hour and half hour, eg 9.00am, 9.30am ect...

Please note that the bus does not stop at Anse Lazio. You need to stop at Anse Bouding and then walk for 20min to the beach. Same with Anse Georgette, you need to stop at Anse Kerlan and then walk for 20min to the beach.

Map of Praslin island below - showing the main bus stops and attractions